Professional background


Journalist specializing in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) since 1995.

Co-founder and director of Visualization for Transparency Foundation (ViT), to promote open data to empower citizenship and accountability of public information.

Co-director of Master’s degree in Visual Tools to Empower Citizens, Universitat de Girona (UdG) (1st Edition)

Co-author of the Report: «Artificial Intelligence. Automated Decisions in Catalonia», about ethics and data protection (edited by Catalan Authority of Data Protection- APDCAT).  

Drafting of official documentation to communicate to the public the use of artificial intelligence applied in local and regional public administration.

Lecturer in seminars and debates related to data journalism, ethics of artificial intelligence, transparency of information, open data and digital communication.

Member of the Advisory Council of the Ethics Observatory in Artificial Intelligence of Catalonia (OEIAC), member of the Ethics Committee at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC); member of the board for the Barcelona Open Data Initiative; and member of the Council for the Governance of Information and Archives.

Award Good practices in Non-sexist Communication for information on gender-based violence and data (2020), by the Associació de Dones Periodistes de Catalunya.

Montserrat Roig Award, by City Council of Barcelona, for an investigative report (2021): «Unprotected childhood», dedicated to minors who suffer violence, with the team: Xaquín Veira, Rocío Minvielle and Francina Cortés.


Data Investigation

  • Online Hackathon –organized by Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data and Barcelona City Council– to create a mobile app in order to improve local trade-in Barcelona after Covid-19. (2020)
  • Investigation with open data: «Desprotegides, malgrat tot» («Unprotected, in spite of») about male violence against women in Catalonia, with an objective of accountability. Team with journalists Xaquín Veira  and Rocío Minvielle, and the collaboration of the Fundació.cat (2019)
  • #Cuéntalo Project: big data analysis to preserve the collective voice from social media. Team with the Association of Archivists of Catalonia, the feminist journalist Cristina Fallarás and the SuperComputing Barcelona Centre (2018)
  • Data expeditions related to health, environment, labour conciliation, female poverty, industry 4.0 and future work. Organized by Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data.
  • Project Pilot: Data investigation on housing in the city of Barcelona, for the exhibition of the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona: Barcelona-Medellín (2015).
  • desideDatum: Open Data, Open Government, Transparency and Smart Cities (2014-15)

Technological work

  • Research work for the Report: «Artificial Intelligence. Automated Decisions in Catalonia», about ethics and data protection (edited by Catalan Authority of Data Protection- APDCAT). (2019)
  • Collaboration at the European report: “Automating society. Taking stock of automated decision-making in the EU”, coordinated and produced by the ONG Algorithm Watch and Bertelsman Stiftung. Supported by the Open Society Foundation.  Author of Chapter: “Spain” (2018).
  • Coordination of the Smart Community, a platform for scientific content, by the science writer Eduard Punset. (2006)
  •  Author of the research: «The Networks of Telecentres in Spain«, funded by the Center for Information Technology and Communication of Asturias. (2006)
  • Sysop (System Operator) in Servicom, the first Internet provider in Spain (1995).


NacióDigital, the leading online newspaper in Catalonia. Position: Editor- in- chief (2015- May 2018).

Production of the podcast: ‘Ladridos al amo’, dedicated to digital journalism and communication. With the journalist Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana (2009-15)

Collaborations in the Italian digital journal Il Fatto Quottidiano. Opinion’s blog. (2012-13)

Production of the podcast: ‘SocTech’, dedicated to observing how technology transform societies (2012), TV3’s Catalan Public News information website. Position: Head of Social Media Department (2008-2012)

La Vanguardia, online version. Position: Journalist and Head of Social Media Department (2007)

“Bits de nit”, radio show at Catalunya Ràdio. Specialized on the Internet. Position: Director and broadcaster (2004-2005)., pioneer online weekly magazine. Position: Editor-in-chief and Content producer. (1998-2003), a digital newsletter dedicated to telework. Position: Founder and editor (2001-04)

Magazin WEB, the first paper magazine dedicated to Internet. Position: Editor-in-chief (1995-97).


  • Diploma in Data Journalism (coordinador) at Faculty of International Relations and Communication Ramon Llull Blanquerna (Barcelona). (2018-19)

  • Teaching for journalists about transparency of information and data journalism at Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya (2019)
  • Professor of Master and Degree: ‘Digital Journalism’, and ‘Reporterism and Hypermedia Production’ at Blanquerna. (From 2003-05 and 2011 to 2015).

  • Professor of Postgraduate: ‘Digital Journalism’ at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) (2006-2007)

  • Professor of Degree: ‘Information Society’ and ‘Digital Journalism’, at the University of Vic. (2004-2007).

  • Professor of Degree: “Infotecnology”, at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). (2003-2005).

Organizer of events

  • Organizer of monthly workshops of Data Journalism in Barcelona, as member of Open Knowledge Foundation_Spain (2013-14)
  • Coordinator of communities in the BarcelonaLab Project, from Direction of Creativity and Innovation of Culture’s Institute of Barcelona (ICUB- 2013-14) 
  • Co-organizer of the Data Journalism and Open Data Conference. Barcelona (2013, 2014, 2015).
  • Member of the Board of Open Knowledge Foundation-es (OKFN-es 2013-2015)
  •  Coordinator of the I International Congress of Electronic Publishing. Barcelona(1998).